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How Implementing a WFM App Solution Improves Efficiency

How Implementing a WFM App Solution Improves Efficiency
CommunityWFM Team
Written By CommunityWFM Team
On Oct, 16 2020
3 minute read

Creating a connected team has recently risen in importance for workforce management (WFM) professionals. With many companies making a shift away from the traditional office environment, it’s become more difficult than ever for WFM analysts and supervisors to stay connected with agents.

To improve efficiency, some companies are implementing a WFM app solution to create an active channel of two-way communication between agents and schedulers. Here are some reasons why implementing a workforce management app makes a difference for businesses.

A WFM app saves time for agents and supervisors – Does an agent have a family emergency? With a WFM app, there’s no more calls, texts, and emails to supervisors at off hours that may be missed or lost in communication. Instead, an agent can directly let the WFM scheduler and supervisor know they will be late or need the day off directly through the mobile app. An agent doesn’t have to run home to their work computer and log in, instead everything can be done directly on their phone.

WFM analysts and schedulers also save time with an app – Outside of the improved communication with agents, WFM analysts and schedulers also have several ways to improve their own efficiency with an app. For example, if they see an agent will have an unplanned absence tomorrow, they can easily send out a request to fill their shift. This request will only go out to relevant agents (like agents that aren’t scheduled yet and have the right skills) and each one can get a notification on their app that a shift is available. For companies that leverage shift bidding, a WFM app is a great way to improve agent engagement in the bidding process. An agent can bid on shifts at the dinner table or anywhere else after getting a better feel for what shifts will work best for them in the future.



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A WFM app improves agent attendance and promptness – With a WFM app, agents can see their schedule from anywhere and at any time. Instead of looking around for that paper print out of their schedule, an agent always knows what day and time they’re working through their phone. Another benefit of the app is it helps agents to better monitor themselves. For example, having access to their own schedule adherence times directly within the app reduces the chance of an agent going over their allotted time for lunch. And, if they know they will be out of adherence because something comes up when they are out on break, they can let their supervisor know directly through the app!


Simply put, implementing a mobile workforce management app solution makes a difference to businesses because it improves and streamlines communication. Agents can see critical information such as schedules and adherence from anywhere and let the right people know directly through the app if there’s an issue. For analysts and schedulers, they can communicate directly with multiple agents through the app to solve WFM challenges before they become major problems. Utilizing a WFM app is truly a win-win for everyone involved.

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