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How Contact Center SLAs, Metrics and KPIs Benefit from WFM Software

How Contact Center SLAs, Metrics and KPIs Benefit from WFM Software
CommunityWFM Team
Written By CommunityWFM Team
On May, 26 2023
4 minute read

When the phrase “workforce management” (WFM) is brought up in a contact center, many people typically think of it as the process of efficiently getting agents into seats. While this is certainly a component of WFM software – and an important one – there are also many other areas where the technology can be valuable. Below are a few ways WFM software can help with contact center service level agreements (SLAs), metrics, and KPIs (key performance indicators).

Forecasting powered by WFM software is accurate – Spreadsheets can sometimes get the job done when it comes to forecasting in very small contact centers. However, the more variables you add (such as agents and channels), the less feasible it becomes to forecast using this method. Instead, WFM software is able to quickly factor in the valuable historical information and contact center metrics needed for accurate forecasting strategies.

The software improves shrinkage and utilization strategies – These two terms are frequently monitored contact center KPIs and WFM software is one of the best solutions available to effectively improve them. The technology helps build the right schedules to reduce the amount of “bad” off phone time related to shrinkage. It also ensures utilization, or the amount of time agents are available to handle customer inquiries, remains high by effectively suggesting the right days and times to schedule training and other events.

Intraday management improves with WFM software – One of the top SLA KPIs for any contact center is response time. Having an important customer on hold for too long can be a nightmare situation for a business. If enough agents aren’t available to meet demand, a contact center SLA can be violated because it takes too long to resolve customer issues. It can also lead to additional expenses and fees if you’re a BPO (business process outsourcer) or agency. WFM software is ideal to prevent this scenario from happening because it provides industry leading intraday management solutions. Powered by automation and AI, the software recommends what staffing changes a contact center should make throughout the day based on volume. Whether it means adding agents on a busy day to keep up with a contact center service level agreement or letting agents go early on a slow afternoon to reduce overhead costs, finalizing intelligent intraday staffing decisions with data and confidence is vital to success.



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View the right adherence metrics and make adjustments – Scheduling agents can sometimes be only half the battle for a contact center. The other part is often understanding how to respectfully monitor agent productivity while still obtaining actionable information. WFM software has adherence solutions to better understand which agents are doing well (and which ones aren’t) based on their work habits. Does an agent take longer breaks on phone shifts compared to when they work chat? A WFM analyst can better understand agent preferences and schedule them on the right channels when the opportunity is available. This tactic is important to improving both agent morale and productivity.

To summarize, WFM software helps in all these different areas because the solution has become a well rounded and essential piece of technology for contact center operations. From changing staffing habits after reviewing SLA metrics to continually improving forecasting strategies, WFM software is at the core of many data driven business decisions within a contact center.

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