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The Role of Modern WFM Software in a CCaaS Solution

The Role of Modern WFM Software in a CCaaS Solution
CommunityWFM Team
Written By CommunityWFM Team
On Jul, 28 2023
4 minute read

When it comes to working through customer issues, having a contact center as a service (CCaaS) solution to rely on has now become commonplace for even smaller businesses. However, the name and concept can still be confusing… exactly what is CCaaS software and what impact does it have? The technology does many things including routing calls, assisting agents with responses, offering suggestions to create a better customer experience, and much more. It has dramatically improved how a business is able to interact with customers.

Expanding the initial question out further, what specifically is the role of modern workforce management (WFM) software in a CCaaS solution? After all, understanding the real CCaaS meaning and purpose sounds easy on paper, but in reality the solution has so much functionality that it can be difficult to assess its actual value. Fortunately, as only a single component within a CCaaS technology suite, understanding WFM software is a little bit easier. Below are a few ways WFM software has a positive impact within a contact center as part of a broader CCaaS solution.

It ensures the right agents are staffed at the right time – Having one of the best CCaaS solutions out there doesn’t mean much if agents are constantly confused about their shifts. One of the pillar use cases for WFM software within a broader CCaaS offering is to efficiently staff agents while still keeping costs in mind. In just a few minutes a contact center can understand if they are overstaffed or understaffed for the rest of the day and quickly adjust to either schedule more agents or let some go early. These staffing changes may not seem like much, but over time they create a positive impact on both customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

It makes the role of a contact center manager easier – Two of the most important things a manager in a contact center needs to worry about are agent performance and attendance. And, even though there are many different types of CCaaS solution features in a modern platform, the responsibility of attendance monitoring and tracking falls on the shoulders of WFM software. With this technology, a contact center manager can easily monitor adherence information see the exact state of each agent (on a call, on break, etc.) to keep an eye on their work in a respectful way throughout the day.

WFM software helps to improve agent engagement – Some of the best CCaaS examples and case studies are built around how the technology has helped to improve customer communication. Features like intelligent call routing and agent assistance are often cited in these scenarios. WFM software, on the other hand, is the tool within the broader CCaaS solution that drives strong mobile WFM app.



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It provides essential analytics for a greater WFO solution – Especially in a large CCaaS product, WFM software in commonly “bundled” together into a broader workforce optimization (WFO) solution. Other offerings within a WFO solution typically are based around improving agent performance, such as quality management (QM) and interaction analysis features. However, it’s typically the data acquired from WFM software that helps to power a broad WFO solution. For example, a manager may review an agent’s chat responses through a QM tool and notice they are struggling. However, after taking a step back to look at the data from their WFM software, they notice how this agent typically works phone shifts and was only on chat because of an urgent staffing need. As a result, the manager should go easier on the agent because chat isn’t a key part of their traditional job.


To summarize, the role of modern WFM software in a CCaaS solution is complex. Companies often buy a CCaaS platform for a solution like call routing, but then over time realize exactly how many different areas WFM software positively influences their operations. It’s a component of CCaaS software that drives cost savings, improves agent morale, and facilities better communication.

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