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Workforce Management Software Group Rebrands as CommunityWFM


Cloud-based workforce management provider updates name to represent focus on community within contact centers.

CommunityWFM, a leader in providing unified, cloud-based workforce management solutions, today formally announces its rebranding from Workforce Management Software Group to CommunityWFM. The new name highlights the company’s focus on keeping all parties — agents, workforce management analysts and supervisors — connected in the workforce management process.

“Whether it's a conference, sales pitch or event, we’ve always been known as the Community guys,” said Daryl Gonos, CEO, CommunityWFM. “Changing our name to CommunityWFM places emphasis on our product, offering powerful features for enterprise workforce management around the world. Our name may have changed, but our industry experience and focus on providing WFM teams with enterprise class features has not.”

Founded in 2005, CommunityWFM was built by industry recognized workforce management experts, who were deeply engaged with legacy workforce management technologies and deployment approaches. This expertise was distilled into the modern design of CommunityWFM Enterprise and Essentials, understanding that workforce management analysts must be able to quickly adjust schedules throughout the day as call volumes increase or decrease and be in constant communication with agents and supervisors to meet service levels, optimize staffing schedules and minimize labor costs. Both Enterprise and Essentials connect agents, supervisors and analysts so they can interact as scheduling dynamics change throughout the day. This keeps everyone involved in the scheduling process, creating a true “community.”

“Having been a workforce management analyst earlier in my career, I wanted to use my experience to automate specific tasks that make the intraday management process quicker and more efficient,” said Todd Cotharin, COO, CommunityWFM. “Leveraging solutions built by experts in the industry will improve contact center efforts and save costs across the board. Bringing CommunityWFM to the forefront of our brand will help us continue providing the best workforce management solution to our customers, but also push our messaging to potential new prospects.”

About CommunityWFM

CommunityWFM was founded in 2005 by a team of industry-leading workforce management experts. CommunityWFM personnel were deeply engaged with legacy workforce management technologies and deployment approaches for Fortune 500 companies throughout North America and abroad. This expertise was distilled into the modern design of Community, now available in two performance versions, and our deployment and services models. To learn more about the product or to join our reseller network, visit us at

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