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WFMSG Partners with MNET Further Advancing Delivery of Cohesive Contact Center Solutions and Services


Consultant and services firm MNET will resell innovative Community WFM software as an integral component for contact center operational success.

DALLAS, TX, November 12, 2019 – Workforce Management Software Group (WFMSG) today announced a reseller partnership agreement with MNET, a consultancy and service provider for contact center solutions. WFMSG is a leader in providing unified, cloud-based workforce management solutions with its Community WFM software. MNET is a dedicated provider of advisory, technology implementation, and support services for companies that rely on contact center services.

Since its release in 2005, Community WFM has been redefining the way contact centers implement and adopt workforce management technology. From its browser-based user interface, cloud hosting services, unmatched ease of use, unique features, and Steps-to-Success implementation, Community WFM has forever changed the contact center workforce management landscape. The recent release of Community WFM r.4.4 now offers two performance levels to fit any size contact center: Community Essentials, for automated core functionality with a seamless migration path as a business grows, and Community Enterprise, for advanced and multi-site applications.

MNET is a leading provider of advisory, implementation, and support services for organizations where contact center technology is integral to their operational and business success. MNET’s team enjoys an average of over twenty years of experience serving clients of all sizes in several industry sectors: financial services, public sector, healthcare, consumer, media and entertainment, publishing, hospitality and others. The MNET team uses and applies their unique and deep understanding of contact center operations and technology platforms to the singular goal of improving agent performance and the customer experience. The blending of their operational experience, understanding of what it takes to make a call center excellent, and commitment to a better and different way of harnessing the potential of all the increasingly more powerful omnichannel systems have to offer, makes for truly satisfying results. The addition of Community WFM to this mix will further enhance MNET’s ability to meet their customers’ high expectations.

"We are excited to have MNET as part of the Community WFM family." said Daryl A. Gonos, Co-founder and CEO at WFMSG. MNET's contact center operational expertise coupled with our Community WFM platform result in an elevated value proposition for contact centers seeking to enhance the customer experience, control cost and empower their agents. The partnership and Community’s rapid, cloud-based, deployment capability will accelerate adoption and the realization of Community’s core benefits. It is an ideal fit and we anticipate that the market will quickly respond to this complete workforce management services and technology package."

"We look forward to partnering with WFMSG and leveraging the Community WFM platform for our clients. WFM software is a natural extension to our product portfolio and service offering. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best and most powerful functionality available in the marketplace, and Community, offering a truly industry leading WFM solution, fills that contact center need precisely. It is evident to our people that Community was built by a team of WFM practitioners who understand the business end of managing a complex set of workforce variables. The functionality, ease of use, and flexibility their solutions afford are most innovative and much needed by the clients we serve. We are excited to introduce Community WFM to our clients." said Kate Madsen, MNET Managing Partner.

MNET’s team has considerable combined experience in the financial services sector, especially in serving the unique needs of Credit Unions. MNET will resell Community WFM software to these clients, and others, and will soon be taking on the responsibility for attendant on-boarding activities. Including Community’s industry leading implementation cycle, MNET will provide workforce management product delivery and training as an essential component of its rich suite of contact center turn-key products and services.


The Workforce Management Software Group, Inc. (WFMSG) was founded in 2005 by a team of industry leading workforce management experts. WFMSG personnel were deeply engaged with legacy workforce management technologies and deployment approaches for Fortune 500 companies throughout North America and abroad. This expertise was distilled into the modern design of Community, now available in two performance versions, and our deployment and services models. To learn more about the product or to join our reseller network, visit us at

About MNET

MNET is dedicated to providing advisory, technology implementation, and support services for companies that depend and rely on contact center functionality as an integral part of their operational and business success. Our goal is to provide you with a better and different way to harness the potential of all that these increasingly more powerful omnichannel systems have to offer. MNET strives to be recognized not only as the trusted advisor that harnesses the potential of these systems better than anyone else, but also as a service provider and one with the knowledge to help with the challenges you face in attaining high-value customer satisfaction in a rapidly changing and interconnected world.