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WFMSG Enhances Community Enterprise Workforce Management Solution While Enabling Growing Contact Centers to Quickly Capture Essential Workforce Optimization Benefits


Leading cloud-based workforce management provider now offers emerging contact centers a low-cost, rapidly deployed gateway version to their flagship Community Enterprise platform.

DALLAS, TX, September 9, 2019 – Workforce Management Software Group (WFMSG) today announced that it has released the latest enhancements to the Community WFM solution. The new version increases the benefits available to Community users while making those advantages more readily available to emergent contact centers seeking to economically automate Essential forecasting and schedule optimization functions.

Release 4.4 of Community WFM delivers an Essentials layer of the Community Enterprise platform, enabling start-up contact centers to quickly and economically capture the benefits of modern workforce optimization technology. The Essentials version automates routine workforce optimization functions including forecasting, schedule optimization, adherence reporting and workforce engagement presented via an easy to use web browser interface and mobile app. Community can be upgraded from Essentials to the Enterprise solution with a simple license update when Essentials users require access to advanced features and greater automation.

Simplified system administration continues to be a hallmark of Community’s design advantages. “When designing the feature set for Essentials, we knew we had to embody our core tenants of ease of use and automation. How could we make workforce automation as welcoming as possible for first time users? Essentials allows you to import a queue from your ACD and will automate the entire process from data collection to making that queue ready for forecasting and scheduling.” Said Peter Schmidt, Co-founder and CTO.

"Release 4.4 represents our continued commitment to ease of use, increased automation and economic access to the benefits of modern workforce management for the entire contact center market.” said Daryl A. Gonos, Co-founder and CEO at WFMSG. “Release 4.4 provides any center with cloud-based access to the workforce optimization tool kit that meets their needs and budget. We are making it faster, easier and less expensive to adopt world class workforce management." Gonos concluded.

Community 4.4 also extends Community’s compatibility footprint to include native data collection adapters for Amazon Connect and SharpenCX. The adapters, like the majority of Community integrations, enable automatic import of agents, queues and historical data, as well as, real-time agent state data for adherence. This makes Community one of the most widely interoperable WFM platforms available today.

"If your center is new to an automated, integrated WFM platform, simple forecasting and scheduling can be a significant cultural challenge. Essentials delivers the functionality you need to quickly automate core processes today, and as the strategy and culture progresses, a migration path to an Enterprise class product. The Community platform enables this without losing your investment in training, culture, not to mention your WFM software solution." said Todd A. Cotharin, WFMSG Co-founder and COO.

Community, over the past 15 years, has become the WFM platform of choice for some of the worlds’ most respected and widely recognized brands and complementary contact center technology providers seeking to complete their WFO site with a proven WFM solution. Many quality management (QM), recording companies, and UCaaS providers, now include Community technology as part of their overall WFO suite. WFMSG is continually seeking new resellers to expand its network and market penetration.

Community release 4.4 will be available to new and existing customers on November 1st, 2019. For an advanced demonstration of R.4.4 visit the Community booth, #501 at the Contact Center Week event in Austin, Texas September 17-18, 2019, where the new release will be showcased.


The Workforce Management Software Group, Inc. (WFMSG) was founded in 2005 by a team of industry leading workforce management experts. WFMSG personnel were deeply engaged with legacy workforce management technologies and deployment approaches for Fortune 500 companies throughout North America and abroad. This expertise was distilled into the modern design of Community, now available in two performance versions, and our deployment and services models. To learn more about the product or to join our reseller network, visit us at