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Leading Workforce Management Provider CommunityWFM Releases 5th Generation of its Enterprise Software


Product Release Includes a Sophisticated UI, Improved Vacation Management, Increased Automation, and Custom API Services.

CommunityWFM, a leader in providing unified, cloud-based workforce management solutions, today announced the release of the company’s 5th generation software for their Enterprise and Essentials products. With the new release, customers will enjoy a refreshed user interface, upgraded vacation management capabilities, and several new automated features. In addition, the CommunityWFM application programming interface (API) has been multithreaded and expanded to enable seamless interactions with payroll and vacation systems, as well as other contact center systems that require a custom API integration.

The latest CommunityWFM Enterprise release expands on its current PTO and vacation management solution for contact center agents. This includes importing or calculating vacation accruals, bidding, vacation calendars, and waitlisting. Vacation bidding allows agents to bid for specific days off based on seniority, performance, and other paid time off (PTO) considerations. Agents can also be placed on a wait list to secure their preferred PTO days if they are not initially approved.

“We have built a solid foundation with the CommunityWFM product suite and we wanted this next iteration to include even more automation and agent engagement functionality,” said Daryl Gonos, CEO of CommunityWFM. “This release expands on our workforce management competencies, in particular our vacation management capabilities, and follows the theme of providing customers with a modern and simplified WFM software experience.”

Other key features within the release include history-based shrinkage forecasting to better manage overhead costs and improve staffing accuracy. Another automated feature, restricted activity plans, allows companies to control restrictions on a per agent basis for specific date ranges. Lastly, CommunityWFM Enterprise has expanded its embedded communication channels to include Microsoft Teams so that agents can receive and respond to messages for schedule opportunities, changes, and updates.

CommunityWFM will be guiding industry experts through a demo of their 5th generation Enterprise WFM software release in the coming days during one of the industry’s largest and most well-known virtual conferences hosted by the Society of Workforce Planning Professionals (SWPP). There will also be a public demo for press and media in May 2021.

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CommunityWFM (formerly WFMSG) was founded in 2005 by a team of industry-leading workforce management consultants. Today, CommunityWFM provides a unique and simplified approach to forecasting and scheduling contact center agents. CommunityWFM is a trusted partner to some of the most widely recognized organizations across federal and state government agencies, healthcare, insurance providers, financial services, retail, and technology companies. With two product versions, Enterprise and Essentials, the CommunityWFM solution is delivered with a passion for customer service and an unmatched deployment and onboarding methodology.

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