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Leading Contact Center Workforce Management Solution CommunityWFM Joins the Talkdesk AppConnect Marketplace with Seamless Integration


CommunityWFM, one of the premier contact center workforce management software solutions in the industry, today announced the launch of their solution on Talkdesk® AppConnect™, enabling businesses to combine their innovative workforce management solution within the Talkdesk CX Cloud™ solution.

Talkdesk AppConnect is an industry-leading customer experience solutions marketplace featuring a broad range of advanced applications, devices, services, and out-of-the-box integrations that provides businesses with the flexibility to rapidly expand their contact center capabilities. With more than eighty available solutions, AppConnect provides enterprises with access to all the tools they need to remain agile and flexible in response to today’s evolving customer needs.

CommunityWFM and Talkdesk collaborated to build an integration that delivers for customers. The integration enables agents to see their schedules, adherence, time-off requests, and additional information directly from within the Talkdesk application. In addition, the entire CommunityWFM solution can be launched by agents through a single click inside Talkdesk. The purpose of this comprehensive initiative is to help contact centers save time and provide a better experience for Talkdesk users.

CommunityWFM and all AppConnect offerings are fully vetted and available in a streamlined interface that makes buying and connecting simple. Customers can also closely evaluate many AppConnect applications before purchasing to ensure they are building the best contact center stack for their needs.

“We are thrilled to announce our new relationship with Talkdesk,” said Daryl Gonos, CEO of CommunityWFM. “Having critical features and functionality from CommunityWFM as a direct part of the Talkdesk Workspace solution positions us uniquely in their ecosystem of partners.”

“With the addition of CommunityWFM to Talkdesk AppConnect, businesses can now quickly and easily integrate best-in-class workforce management software into their contact center solution to further enhance the experiences they provide their customers and leverage those experiences to create a competitive advantage in the market,” said Chad Haydar, senior vice president, Channels, Talkdesk.

To learn more please visit the CommunityWFM listing on the Talkdesk AppConnect.

About CommunityWFM

CommunityWFM provides a unique, modern, and automated approach to contact center workforce management technology. After spending over a decade combining forecasting, scheduling, intraday management, adherence monitoring, mobile capabilities, and more into a single application, the CommunityWFM solution remains unmatched in its sophistication and maturity. With two product versions, Enterprise and Essentials, CommunityWFM is delivered to customers and partners with a passion for service, world-class deployment, and an unmatched onboarding methodology. Leading companies spanning many different geographies and industries rely on CommunityWFM every day as the backbone of their contact center operations.

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