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CommunityWFM Enhances Contact Center Workforce Management with Multilingual, Security, and New Automation Capabilities


The Latest Product Announcement Contains Three Language Variations of the Software and Expanded Scheduling Automation Capabilities

CommunityWFM, one of the leading solutions for contact center workforce management (WFM) software, has launched a broad product update expanding upon the 5th generation release of their Essentials and Enterprise offerings.

A prominent addition to the release is the debut of new international language capabilities. Companies can choose to allow users to utilize CommunityWFM in English, Canadian French, Mexican Spanish, or Brazilian Portuguese. Each specific language can be selected for one or several users by a software administrator and any affected users will experience the language change across the entire product.

Another key component of the update is the new agent self service kiosk (ASSK) functionality which helps provide contact centers with more schedule adjustment flexibility in a gig economic environment. Requested by end users, ASSK enables a company to place flexible and unstructured events, such as compliance tasks or special training, into the overall schedules of agents. Once an event exists, each agent can choose exactly when they want to complete the item assigned to them through ASSK, including during off hours. The time selected by an agent is automatically approved or denied in seconds without supervisor intervention after being processed through a stringent set of business rules to ensure it does not conflict with their existing schedule.

“Our most recent update is the latest step in our continuing journey of providing customers with a premier contact center WFM solution,” said Daryl Gonos, CEO of CommunityWFM. “Adding the new language options will be a key component of our international expansion. In addition, being able to provide impressive scheduling automation and important security solutions will only continue to further solidify CommunityWFM as one of the leading workforce management technologies in the industry.”

Two new data privacy and security options were also added as a part of the broad product update to assist with international growth initiatives. A way to fully anonymize agent data was implemented to meet the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards. With this functionality, any software user can request and obtain all the information about them that is currently stored within the CommunityWFM solution. The user can also request for the information to be anonymized and removed when they leave the company, leaving no identifiable data about their work history when their employment ends. The second option is the addition of a historical change audit log which details the exact administrative user actions being configured in the software and by what user.

Additional features in the product update include a new view for schedule adherence reporting. This allows for a direct comparison of two or more adherence data sources with an option to export the information for further analysis. Companies will also be able to further streamline their single sign on experience, change calculation options, toggle agent state labels in the adherence view, and highlight specific events such as breaks or overtime when viewing agent schedules.

The latest version of CommunityWFM is available today. You can request a demo of either Essentials or Enterprise at

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CommunityWFM provides a unique, modern, and automated approach to contact center workforce management technology. After spending over a decade combining forecasting, scheduling, intraday management, adherence monitoring, mobile capabilities, and more into a single application, the CommunityWFM solution remains unmatched in its sophistication and maturity. With two product versions, Enterprise and Essentials, CommunityWFM is delivered to customers and partners with a passion for service and world-class deployment and onboarding methodologies. Leading companies spanning many different geographies and industries rely on CommunityWFM every day as the backbone of their contact center operations.

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