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How to Fix Your Dated Contact Center Check-In and Adherence Processes

CommunityWFM Team
Written By CommunityWFM Team
On Aug, 26 2022
3 minute read

Sometimes the hardest part of being a contact center supervisor is making sure your agents that are scheduled to work are clocked in and doing their job. Especially in larger contact centers, the check-in process for agents to start work can quickly get hectic and complex.

Agents are calling in, trying to track down their supervisor to explain why they will be late and to provide them with an estimate for when they will be able to start their shift. It’s not uncommon for a supervisor to hang up the phone after hearing why one agent is arriving late and have another call a minute or two later from a different agent on the same topic. Meanwhile the WFM analyst is sending them messages asking about the status of these agents and when they will be checking in. The whole situation can be stressful.

Fortunately, there is a better way to handle the check-in experience. Here are a few reasons why contact centers are turning to workforce management (WFM) software to fix their dated contact center check-in and adherence processes to improve agent relationships.

Better WFM analyst visibility around check-in times – The difference between a contact center leveraging WFM software compared to spreadsheets is night and day when it comes to monitoring agent check-ins. Schedule views within the software can let both a WFM analyst and a supervisor know the exact moment when an agent checks in and starts working. Also known as an automated schedule attendance monitor (ASAM), this solution helps to streamline the check-in process so you know which agents have checked in on time and which ones haven’t.

Make it easier for agents to communicate late check-ins – When an agent has a flat tire or a childcare emergency, the last thing they want to do is play phone tag trying get a hold of their supervisor at work. Let agents focus on the crisis at hand instead by empowering your workforce with a mobile WFM app. Having a mobile solution at their fingertips allows agents to check in as late from wherever they are and provide a reason for the check in. Everyone, including their supervisor and the WFM analyst, will see the late check in through the software right as it happens.



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Enable agents to monitor their own adherence – Many agents care about their work and would prefer to not fall into bad work habits. It’s a reason why contact centers should share adherence information with agents so they can see exactly when and how often they are checking in late. Providing agents with this information promotes self-correcting their own time management issues without the need to be reprimanded by their supervisor.

Monitor check in data to see if your efforts are impactful – How can you be certain WFM software is making a difference to improve the check-in process? By looking at the facts. The technology can generate actionable reports in minutes built around agent adherence and check in data. This information lets a contact center see which agents are almost always on time and which agents are consistently running late. It’s insights that can be utilized to correct poor attendance and even to create incentive programs around rewarding timely check-ins.


In short, contact centers can fix their dated check-in and adherence processes by improving communication. By letting agents check in on their own, even when they are running late, you’re putting the communication responsibility solely on the shoulders of the employee. Don’t forget to trust the fact that most agents will look to do the right thing and make the most of the data you provide them. Sharing adherence information will only help most agents to improve both their attendance and timeliness.

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