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The Benefits of Using Webinars for WFM Software Training

The Benefits of Using Webinars for WFM Software Training
CommunityWFM Team
Written By CommunityWFM Team
On Oct, 21 2022
3 minute read

Training your team on how to best use WFM software involves more than just a day or two of demonstrations or providing a tome. Webinars provide an ongoing, interactive venue for engaging and training users, leading to improved performance and satisfaction. Below are a few benefits of webinars and why they make a difference in WFM training.

Why webinars?

Benefit 1: Deep dive on niche topics

As a supplement to the initial onboarding process, webinars provide in-depth exploration of niche topics for sophisticated subjects that matter. WFM involves complex technology and analysis, which may not be practical to cover in an introductory software training session where not everyone using the software needs to understand the intricacies of intraday analysis or forecasting for shrinkage.

Benefit 2: Show instead of tell

It’s hard to overestimate the benefit of watching an experienced user demonstrate a difficult task or explain a complex concept with concrete examples. While some people learn by reading, software guides may be outdated due to upgrades, or simply incomplete. Also, user experience varies. Some users have spent years in the role of WFM analyst, while others are thrust into the role in addition to their regular job. Or sometimes a user receives the role when someone has left the business, taking with them the experience and knowledge of using the WFM software. Webinars can provide a bridge to getting new users up and running.

Benefit 3: It's a two-way conversation, not a one-way learning experience

Webinars provide an opportunity for participants to engage with the presenter. Participants can ask questions if they need additional context, or request explanations that include their specific circumstances.

This is also an opportunity for a user to share a software feature request, which the presenter can take back to the development team. It’s hard to find a better focus group than your actual users!



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Benefit 4: Easily share the webinar conversation with colleagues

Most webinar platforms allow for recording and sharing presentations. Was there an interesting nugget, or a cool tip for navigating quickly? Participants can share the recording with colleagues and include the appropriate timestamp. While you lose the benefit of interaction, there is still the opportunity to learn something from viewing the recorded conversation. And because these are difficult concepts, some people may need to review the material more than once.

Benefit 5: Viewers can drive future webinar topics

Lots of questions during a session? Presenters can use these to develop future webinars with in-depth exploration of the topic. Feedback surveys after the webinar also provide an opportunity for participants to share what topics they would like to see presented.


Webinars are a great way to provide training in WFM technology because they are interactive, informational, and allow review of the recordings. Ongoing exploration of the niche topics of WFM help analysts be successful.

Be sure to select a software provider with a webinar program to improve your WFM training and continuing education experience.

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